I have a seed.† I plant it in the warm fertile earth.† Soon it sprouts from the ground and reaches toward the sunlight everyday.† The ocean first rains up into clouds then floats over the land to give it water when it needs it and so plants continue to grow. They take the H2† from the water and the C from the CO2 that we exhale and forms CH4† chains that we call plant life using sunlight in this miraculous process we call photosynthesis. Some are simple and some are very complex.†

A Global Vision

Ultimately they all decay into this primordial soup. Those plants and the animals that ate them die and decay for over a million years into this underground pool of crude.† Then we dig deep holes in the ground to pump up that crude oil to refine and then to burn as fuel in such vast quantities that it is destroying this beautiful blue planet. The alternative is to observe that seed, to show us what we need to do to keep this planet blue.†

The artifacts are almost all in place now.† We have developed a multitude of sustainable energy sources.† We have developed large scale industrial fuel cells and fuel cell automobiles, we even have home application fuel cells that run on natural gas that recapture the waste heat for domestic hot water or for pools.† Weíve developed safe storage for Hydrogen.† If we can take the next step and build prototype self sustaining communities on our marginal use land in America, think what that model would mean to third world populations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America.† Surrounded by seawater while challenged by droughts.†

We can right the global economy, where middle eastern and American oil becomes a commodity not to be burned but to be preserved as a long term investment in reusable plastic.†† If we accept the reality of global warming melting polar ice, we need not simply accept shrinking coastlines.†† These occurrences will not happen overnight.† We just need to face the facts on a global scale.† If we will soon have an excess of seawater, letís put it to use.† Letís turn arid wasteland into rainbows of fruits and vegetables, house the homeless to tend the new gardens all in a New Direction here to start Toward A Working America.


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