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RAMMED EARTH it comes to architecture, there are so many subject areas to touch on that fall more with in the realm of energy efficiency.  While conventional design re-created more efficiently or stand alone homes that are passively designed are important as far as reducing energy consumption; the focus of TAWA is not retrofitting poorly planned archaic cities of the past. 


TAWA is A Plan With Unlimited Potential.  The focus is to create self-sustaining, agro-industrial urban centers with planned population density on marginal use land starting in the American Southwest.  Native Americans in Southwest did not have the luxury of ordering building material from Home Depot.  The had an expansive desert that had to provide everything.  Adobe was the most popular building material.  Local clay and straw is formed into bricks, baked in the hot desert sun and then stacked to build walls using more wet clay as the mortar.  Adobe stays cool in the summer and warmed in the winter with a wood hearth.


Contemporary Adobe is called Rammed Earth. A combination of local sand, gravel, clay and concrete combined in wall high wooden forms pneumatically dampened to create beautiful earthen design walls with building materials excavated on site. Building into the berm, the earth maintains a constant temperature of 60°  There is no limit to the rustic beauty that can be created building with this desert appropriate, labor intensive building material.

 “When I work on a problem, I never think about Beauty. When I finish, if the solution isn’t beautiful, I know it’s wrong”                                                                    R. Buckminster Fuller


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GEODESIC DOMES, the creation of R. Buckminster Fuller are his ultimate artifact that demonstrates the power of the triangle.  Geodesic domes are actually the combination of alternate rows of hexagons and pentagons.  It is a building without stress utilizing the same geometry that allows redwoods to stand a mile into the sky.  If you compare a dome to more conventional stacked high density building structures that require dense steel I beams at the base that grow less dense as you support less, each module in a geodesic dome is exactly the same.  So the larger they are, the more of the expensive structural materials they displace.  Bucky never saw the ultimate demonstration of the artifact he is most famous for.  

To take Geodesic design to the outer limits is to literally cover a city or a self-sustaining, agro-industrial urban center with planned population density on marginal use land starting in the American Southwest.  In this application the dome becomes a huge solar thermal collection device.  Since the earth below the ground is a constant 60° and if at the top of the dome accumulated solar thermal energy is evacuated and used to run solar thermal energy devices, the temperature at ground level remains a constant.  So all of the dwellings within this superstructure will require little or no energy to stay in the comfort zone.


Jobs, reduced cost of living and private property are the achievable goals for TAWA communities of the future. What better use for oil no longer burned then manufacturing plastic dome components. A dome has stress evenly distributed to each module, allowing for the unlimited size to these new super-structures. Welcome to the future.

A New Direction, Toward A Working America.