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Mariculture is really a subset of Aquaculture specifically limited to aqua farming on the open ocean.† The reason I have selected out a single subset of Aquaculture is because Mariculture uniquely lends itself to be married to† other ocean based technology.† Iíve already suggested a marriage between Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and Wave Energy utilizing the same infrastructure producing synergistic benefits with a more cost effective result.


Now once you understand that deep sea water is much richer in ocean born nutrients that is the fertilizer for larger healthier fish.† Since one of the core functions in Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is to pump up deep sea water for itís much colder energy temperature gradient.† So since that colder water is also nutrient rich, why not also combine Mariculture with the combined OTEC and WaveTec infrastructure.† Itís this out of the box thinking, making sustainability a priority that is a unique feature of the New Direction the TAWA Foundation Represents.† Toward A Working America.