If you have ever seen or played in a tide pool then Tidal energy should be very easy to understand.  Tide pools form where there are naturally occurring low spots that flood with ocean water when the tide rises and when the tide ebbs it leaves pools of sea water in all the low spots.


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Wave and Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is basically the same hydroelectric power created by dams.  Instead of finding geological ideal locations for dams, we select the best natural tide pool formations to capture the rising tide behind manmade extended walls to holdback the more of the rising tide.  When the tide ebbs we release that seawater back to the sea through hydroelectric turbines to generate electricity.

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Since the ebb and flow of tides are controlled by the magnetic force of the moon we also call Tidal Energy, Moon Power.  When the remaining 3% of hold out climate scientists acknowledge that man made global warming is real, we can begin to scout and develop new locations and build future portable devices that will be located at coastlines change.