Wave Energy is simple. We have a base platform built below the ocean surface.  Because it has millions of pounds per square foot of water pressure above it as well as below it, so pure force keeps it remaining stationary.  On the surface you have another platform that rises up and down 24/7 with each wave that passes.  The platform acts like a big piston tied to a crankshaft turning a generator. With waves at six-second intervals for example, that could be as many as 15,000 waves each day.  Wave technology is currently being evaluated.  We believe the key to its success will be a hybrid approach using several technologies in concert.  For example, Wave Technology and Ocean Thermal Energy evaluated independently are considered less than cost effective because the cost of recovering the front-end construction of the mainframe infrastructure is log term.  However, with the combination of several energy producing technologies, that infrastructure cost is deferred over a much shorter term.  This is clearly an area where the artifacts have already been created but need to have the cost effectiveness be reassessed where more then one technology is reengineered using a single infrastructure.


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