energy to produce electricity.  While we could use water like in Fulton’s steam engine, today we have developed chemically engineered fluids that change phase from a liquid to a gas at significantly lower temperatures, and then condense back to a fluid more efficiently as well. These same fluid are used in reciprocating type solar devices like Rankine Cycle and Sterling Cycle  that use a piston type mechanisms in order to produce power as seen below.  These reusable heat transfer fluids are a better use of petroleum, then to keep burning it.





















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Solar Thermal Energy is as simple as heating the water in your pool by pumping it through black plastic tubing on your roof or heating your hot water with copper fin tubes in an glazed aluminum box on your roof.

We can also concentrate the heat of the sun in parabolic troughs or by using large mirrors tracking the sun to focus solar radiation on a central tower mounted boiler to use solar thermal

Solar Two, a solar power plant site near Barstow, California was comprised of nearly 2,000 large (20ft X 20ft) mirrors used to focus sun light onto a central tower to create steam and run a turbine.

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