Mission Statement for the TAWA Foundation


To promote awareness of environmentally sound technological developments in the many diverse fields of alternative energy research and development by:


· Creating a mobile educational facility available for demonstration, exhibition, education, edification, entertainment and instruction at university campuses and before interested community organizations;


· Publishing and distributing a periodic newsletter to illustrate technological developments in the field of alternative energy research, development and use in a format easily understood by the general public;


· Establishing locations for practical demonstrations of environmentally sound alternative energy research, development, and use, which may become permanent demonstration venues;


· Providing training in employment-related alternative energy  research, development, and use, including public awareness efforts, which are expected to foster acceptance of and demand for new environmentally sound alternative energy devices;


· Identifying and organizing agricultural communities where new environmentally sound alternative energy technologies may be applied; 


· Providing low-cost, environmentally sensitive housing and providing employment opportunities for persons related thereto.


TAWA Foundation is a membership organization.  As a 501c3 tax exempt educational foundation, your contributions are tax deductible.  Contributions are not currently being excepted.  Please inquire. 


About our logo.  Created in 1977 as a donation by graphic artist, Terry Lamb.  At the center is the ancient Hopi Kachina, Tawa.  Kachinas represented nature spirits to the Hopi.  Hopi were considered the keepers of prophecy to Native Americans.  Hopi means peaceful people and they were one of the only tribes that never took up arms against white settlers or soldiers.  According to Hopi prophecy, a day would come when  the Bohana (White Brothers and Sisters) would return to the center of the Universe they considered to be the Four Corners area in the American Southwest.  In the hands of the image of Bohana are Tawa and the Maha.  There have been countless interpretations of the meaning of these two symbols.  Let me add mine; that Tawa represents solar and the Maha represents wind energy.  So the TAWA logo represents the most ancient of Americans and the future of Americans.

For more info contact: info@tawafoundation.com

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Executive Director- Stephen “Freelight” LoRusso