Energy determines the wealth of a nation today.  Ancient territorial claims to petroleum resources, exploitation of human resources and the technology to produce and deliver this energy at great profit are the new measures of energy intensive societies.  There is actually very little we can do in a world that weíve created that doesn't consume energy in one form or another.  As a result, whoever controls that energy controls nearly every aspect our lives.

Beyond conventional fuel and power, the true cost of energy is hidden in every product that we buy.  Energy is consumed in the process of refining raw materials and in the manufacturing, transporting, marketing and distributing at every wholesale and retail level. Energy is also vital to all automated services, internet access, transportation and the many forms of entertainment that we enjoy.  Add to each of these separate enterprises the added energy burden of well lit and space conditioned offices that manage and administer all tasks and office equipment necessary to power a successful business. So along with the price of energy on the rise, is the price of all goods and services including the food we eat each day.   The resulting escalation has forced corporate America to downsize, reducing our greatest asset, our human resources, to a debit in the nationís ledger. 

As a nation we have come to realize that foreign oil we depend on for energy comes at far too great a price.  Our domestic oil reserves are at best a short-term solution and the long-term cost of nuclear energy canít safely be avoided.  We need these new energy sources now. 


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