Wind Energy


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Wind turbines convert wind power into mechanical power, which can then be harnessed, by use of a generator to give an output of electrical power. Wind power is a versatile energy source that finds application in different ways including use in wind pumps, wind mills and in sailing ships and other vessels across different water expanses. The output of wind energy in a particular wind firm is directly dependent on the air density and speed of wind. There is a cubic relationship between your wind speed and the energy produced.††††††††††



I have often heard that if itís comfortable enough to live their, the speed is unlikely strong enough.† Due to this crucial sensitivity to variations in wind speed, extensive studies are conducted before setting up the farm in order to evaluate and project wind speeds, its stability as well as sustainability. Today, wind ranks high among the cheapest sources of renewable energy and can be used for small, medium and large scale energy utilities. Countries like China, USA, Spain and India have an appreciable installed wind power capacity which adequately complements other energy sources for maintained self-sufficiency.