Sweat Equity



One of America’s great strengths is our inexhaustible resourcefulness, particularly when it comes to our technology.   From smart phones to our space program, we learn from our mistakes and our technology constantly evolves. When the subject becomes an idealistic quantum leap in a completely new direction, the next question is always, “How will you finance this evolutionary mass migration?”  I can assure you that this is a plan with unlimited potential. Why? In a word, LAND!   Land represents what all Americans are willing to work hard for.  It’s a mortgage, not rent.  It’s an investment that you can borrow on or sell.  It’s financial security for your family; it is and always has been “The American Dream.” 

The Department of the Interior, through its Bureau of Land Management, has custody of over 50 million acres of land in the Southwestern U.S. alone.  Much of this land is exempt from the private sector in National Parks and Indian Reservations.  Another very large component is federal lease land for grazing, mining and farming.   Still another very large segment is referred to as “Marginal Use Land”.  The store of resource value contained in this land represents billions of potential man-hours; manpower that can develop this land, utilizing the principle of “sweat equity.”  The simplest illustration of sweat equity is buying a house in need of repair and remodeling it with your own labor.  The difference between what it was worth before and what it’s worth after you improve it, is your “sweat equity.”  I’m convinced there is enough dormant resource in our marginal use land to provide for all of us.  Where once laid barren desert waste land with marginal asset value in the custody of the United States Bureau of Land Management, we will develop as industrial, agricultural, residential and commercial real estate. 

This new asset value is the sweat equity that we can invest in urban development, health care, recreational areas, public transportation, public utility and public services.  Jobs and a reasonable cost of living will attract the once underemployed and terminally unemployed in search of the American Dream.  This new emerging middle class market will attract a whole concert of retail product sales and services.  These commercially rezoned tenants will generate the revenues necessary to fund new future  habitats.  In this era of corporate downsizing, millions of new jobs will be created in the manufacture and installation of American Energy Independence.  We must put America back to work.  By the very labor-intensive nature of these technologies, countless jobs will be created.  Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Ocean Thermal, Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Mariculture, Aquaculture, Hydroelectric, Agriculture and Biomass are among the new energy technologies that we need to develop and/or expand on now!

American ingenuity has always risen to the occasion.  It's America's resourcefulness that will again be our saving grace.  For us to raise the bar on what it means to live free in America would not only be cause for celebrating a new era of American Energy Independence, it would make way for a scared and hungry third world made to feel threatened by our American freedom, perhaps to be more willing to fight for the true American Freedom that inexhaustible renewable energy represents.   We just can’t wait any longer.  We simply can no longer afford the luxury of unemployed land, sea or people.

 So let’s get started in a New Direction, Toward A Working America. 


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