A Plan with Unlimited Potential


How we travel and power our lives are both terribly inefficient. At least however, with the advent of sustainable technology we’re beginning to evolve. At the heart of our greatest challenge are cities where 80% of our population, over 300 million live and work.  These hopelessly outdated urban centers that only represent 3% of our U.S. land mass were built when cheap energy was abundant and pollution was not a concern. Today the over 8 million unemployed cannot be efficiently reintegrated in any significant percentages into our urban environments without hastening the onset of global warming with more inefficient cars along with more inefficient living.  On the other hand, a renewable energy industry is labor intensive, potentially employing millions of people as well as millions of acres of land and sea. 




For this self-sustaining, agro-industrial urban center with planned population density to be fully functional; and to serve the collective needs of its residents, we add centers of Health/Recreation, Education/Media, Commerce and Administration. Transportation, energy and communications are a combined monorail/grid. Because of the circular design, with the addition of radial tracks from the industrial hub to the perimeter, with only one track change passengers move anywhere in this urban center.  Outside the functional central perimeter, private residence development will rely on fully sustainable individual modes of transportation.

We are indeed making progress, but we’re just beginning to scratch the surface.  Now consider the potential value of undeveloped desert land redeveloped with the benefit new technology.  Start with an industrial hub running on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.  The bi-product of Hydrogen and Oxygen recombined in a Fuel Cell is pure water and electricity at up to 80% efficiency.  We can now use that pure water to efficiently drip irrigate an agricultural ring surrounding the pollution free industrial hub.  Fully automated farming spokes rotate around the hub efficiently tilling, planting, fertilizing and harvesting.  Surrounding agriculture is a park circle made up of a mix of parks and orchards.   Surrounding the park circle is habitat with high density urban development for first time home buyers as well as all the retail commercial shopping, services and entertainment associated with our contemporary way of life.

The Department of Interior, through its Bureau of Land Management has custody of millions of acres of “Marginal Use Land”.  This undesirable land has long awaited a useful purpose like the many millions of unemployed and the many more unhappily employed among us.  In California alone, we’re replacing outdated problematic nuclear power plants like San Onofre (recently decommissioned), with thousands of acres of federal land leased to provide solar power to Los Angeles and it’s surrounding urban sprawl.     


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