Fuel Cell Technology


Now if we take the carbon out of this Petroleum Cycle, we have the Hydrogen Cycle.  When we replace a 20% efficient combustion engine with an 80% efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cell, we require less than half of the fuel volume to process and deliver power.  Fuel Cells operate like a battery with an anode and a cathode. However, rather than storing electricity they produce electricity by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen. When we soon learn to use sunlight to directly separate hydrogen from the water molecule “Photo-electrolysis”, we will transition from a Petroleum based economy to a Hydrogen based economy.  Since the latter is based on a zero cost renewable feedstock, we will stabilize energy costs for this nation and the world as long as the sun shines.  No matter how many holes we drill, oil is a limited resource and so eventually dwindling supply will soar in price.  Then our only remaining challenge is the cost of Hydrogen.  Until recently, only NASA could afford highly efficient fuel cells for power, but new developments are changing that.  For nations like Canada, Japan and Australia, overcoming cost has been accepted as a challenge not an obstacle.  When you consider the global level benefit of Energy Independence with a Hydrogen Economy, as Buckminster Fuller once said, “Hydrogen is the obvious fuel of the future.”

Bloom Energy is a major force in the fuel cell industry with clients including:  Google, Ebay, Walmart, FedEx, Apple, Cox, Comcast, Verizon, NASA and Dreamworks; just to name a few.


The DOE presents a basic understanding of fuel cells as well as a variety of technologies.


Honda is not alone with Hydrogen cars.  BMW, Mercedes and Toyota are also producing Hydrogen Cars.


Ballard Power is one of the pioneers in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry.

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