A New Direction

Toward A Working America


The Direction of TAWA is not a compass point, its a roadmap to sustainable living in our world after the transition caused by global warming. So unless we are prepared to surrender trillions of dollars worth of coastal real estate to polar thaw, we need a new plan in place. This is it...

What is your vision of the future?

At an event I attended in the late 70s, Jacques Cousteau in reference to the Greenhouse Effect, that we now call Global Warming or Climate Change, used this metaphor, Its like we are all on a train racing toward the edge of a cliff. Finally there comes a point where everyone on the train knows were bound to go off the edge. While we all may will our train to stop, sadly the shear force of our collective actions already in motion may have more force than anything we can do to brake before the edge.

So why not start now to avoid that cliff?

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